FAQs about Home to School Transport (Redbridge)

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) have been supplied by the SEN Home to School Transport Team.

Why doesn’t the escort knock on my door?

Escorts are not required to leave the vehicle and ring the doorbell and the drivers should not be sounding the horn.

What happens if the transport is unable to gain access near the door?

If you live in a area inaccessible to larger vehicles, you should arrange an appropriate pick up point with the driver (i.e. a local covered bus stop) in order that your child can remain dry during bad weather, whilst awaiting the arrival of the vehicle.

What should I do if transport is late?

If transport is over 10 minutes late:

  • Between 8.30 to 5.00pm please call the office
  • Before or after these times, please call the depot (out of office number)

You will need to following details:

  1. The route number your child is on
  2. The name of the child
  3. The school or establishment he or she attends
  4. The normal pick up time

You may also possibly need your address to see how long before the vehicle arrives.

* Generally, if a vehicle is more that 20 minutes late we will endeaver to either call or text you

What happens if a vehicle breaks down?

If a vehicle breakddown?own occurs en route, a replacement vehicle will be provided. Parents/carers will be informed if the child is going to be late. If a route is affected, parents may also be texted (so please make sure you have given us your up to date mobile number)

Have all drivers/escorts been police cleared?

All drivers/escorts employed to operate school contracts on behalf of Redbridge Local Authority are required to have received clearance through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). All council staff carry a valid ID card which must be worn at all times when transporting children. If you wish to validate the identity of your driver or escort please contact the Special Educational Needs Transport Team on 0208 708 8214.

How long will the vehicle wait for my child?

It is parental responsibility to ensure that your child is ready at the specified pick up time. If for any reason your child is not ready when the transport arrives then the vehicle will usually wait for a short time, no longer than 3 minutes; any longer will have an impact on the other passengers on the vehicle.

What if bad weather causes transport problems?

In the event of extremely bad weather, transport may have to be cancelled, even if the school remains open. Special Educational Needs Transport Team will work with schools and Redbridge Transport to determine when this is necessary and parents/carers will be informed. If you decide to take your child into school yourself, you will also be responsible for their homeward journey on the same day.

What if no one is in when my child is brought home?

If neither a parent/carer nor a responsible adult is at the appropriate address a child will not be left unattended. It is expected that this situation will occur only very rarely.

The special educational needs transport team will try to contact you by telephone. If contact cannot be made, the following procedure will be followed:

If there are other children still on the vehicle, it will attempt to return when the other children have been dropped off.

If there are no other children on the vehicle, or if the vehicle has returned to the home address for the second time and there is still no one to receive your child, he/she will be taken to the emergency drop off establishment:

Barnardos Well Being Hub at Indigo, 13 Granville Road, Ilford, Essex

Tel: 020 8554 2888

A form will be left at your address with the appropriate contact number and details. It will then be your responsibility to arrange to collect your child.

Please note that these arrangements have been put in place to cover genuine emergency situations.

What happens if my child is badly behaved on transport?

If your child’s behaviour on the vehicle becomes a problem, we will work with you and the school to try and bring about an improvement. If, however, there is no improvement, or if the problem gets worse, then action will be taken to ensure that neither your child nor any other passengers or members of staff are placed at risk.

Dangerous/inappropriate behaviour may result in your child being taken off transport on a temporary or permanent basis. In these circumstances you will be responsible for transporting your child to and from school. In not transporting your child, we would not be implying that travel arrangements were not necessary and should not be provided; but that the child’s behaviour is such that they cannot take advantage of the provision on Health and Safety grounds.


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