Concerned about a child's behaviour? (Stop It Now)

Have you got concerns about a child or young person’s sexual behaviour around other children? Does a child you know do or say things you feel are inappropriate or that make you uncomfortable? Has a child you know taken sexual exploration too far?

As parents and carers, we all want to do the best we can to protect our children, while giving them the freedom they need to develop towards adulthood.

It is very disturbing to suspect that your child, or a child you know, may be sexually harming someone else. It is so much easier to dismiss such thoughts and put them down to imagination.

You may also be worried about the possible consequences of taking action. But help is available and it is better to talk over the situation with someone at the time, rather than to discover later that you were right to be concerned. And remember, you are not alone.

If you are worried that your son or daughter may be sexually harming another child, or if you suspect that your child is being abused, act now. Action can lead to abuse being prevented, and children who are being abused receiving protection and help to recover. It can also lead to the abuser getting effective help or treatment to stop abusing and to grow up as a safer member of our community. We need to get support for ourselves too.

No parent wants to think their child has sexually harmed another. So if you have any fear at all please call. We know it’s a difficult thing to do, but people who care and who know how to help are ready to take your call.

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Page last reviewed: 21/04/2022

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